French classes in Hyères area

– Total linguistics immersion at your teacher’s house in the French riviera !
– One to one and tailor made lessons while on short holidays or long stay
– or french classes in small groups

– french for beginners and intermediate
– refresher course in french
– french conversation
– french phonetics and pronunciation
– french on objectives
– french exam preparation

– French and litterature
– french and painting
– french and potery
– french and cooking
– french and hiking

More information/ contact:
by phone: 00 33 (0)6 28 06 06 34

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French immersion stay at the Riviera !

  • Total immersion: stay and learn french at your teacher’s house in South of France near beautiful beaches !

You will spend a week or more with a teacher who is both your host and your tutor and make rapid progress over a shorter period than a traditional language course. Checking your starting level, your needs and goals, the teacher will prepare a program of fully dedicated one to one courses. They will help you revise or consolidate your basic grammar, improve your pronunciation and especially to feel more comfortable at public speaking. No distractions will disturb your concentration and effort and for the more shy, you do not have to face the fear of speaking in public because you are the only participant. Beyond the classroom, you can chat with your teacher and improve your oral communication skills. These statements are always rewarding not only in terms of language (pronunciation, speed, fluidity, comfort) but also because of the cultural exchange and enable the exchange of ideas involving views and different cultures. This is an opportunity to see how the French comprehend particular phenomenon of society. According to the needs and demands, the course content can be directed on topics related to the professional world: writing mails, oral presentations, chairing meetings or exam preparation  .

-Residential french course at your teacher’s house in Hyères at the french Riviera, Provence 

A residential French course  at your teacher ‘s house  is the best way of consolidating previous language courses and making maximum progress in a short time !

  • One to one and tailor made french classes  in Hyères 

     Come and learn french in the beautiful city of Hyères in our dedicaded school !

We offer individual tailor-made lessons that give students an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or concern. The content can be negotiated between student and teacher.

1 course =55 mn one free meeting before starting the class to organise our schedule and fix our objectives, target and goal !

SUBJECT – french for beginners and intermediate – refresher course in french – french conversation – french phonetics and pronunciation – french on objectives – french exam preparation

fees :

first class free (  analysis of your needs  difficulties and goal, adaptation of our method  to reach your objectives)

5 cours= 150 euros/ 10 cours =250 euros/ 15 cours= 330 euros/ 20 cours =400 euros

Workshop – French and litterature – french and painting – french and cooking – french and hiking in Giens – dowtown medieval visit

More information / contact:

by mail: contactà by phone: 00 33 (0)6 28 06 06 34


 contact /  33 (0) 6 28 06 06 34 contact(a)

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    Je suis etudiante à Oxford, mais c’est mes vacances là. Je voudrais demander si je peux avoir des cours particuliers car j’habite chez mon copain à Six-Fours-Les-Plages.



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      Bravo de travailler votre français pendant vos vacances ! Caroline va vous répondre en privé pour organiser vos cours.
      tenez moi au courant si vous rencontrer des difficultés ou problèmes


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    ann B


    CI highly recommend Karin as a French tutor, I found her online 2 years ago when was looking for an opportunity to immerse myself in a French-speaking home environment, hoping to improve my speaking skills. My situation was a little different since I am a senior citizen, not a student. However, the arrangement was perfect for my needs.

    I had such a wonderful time living with Karin and her family for 10 days that I returned the next year for 12 days. I have continued to study with her by Skype and hope to return for home study again next year.

    Karin and her family are welcoming and warm, including me in family meals and taking me along for family outings, in addition to offering more structured times for learning. She is very flexible in her approach, according to the interests of her cliaents.In addition to teaching French, Karin is an artist and also teaches classes in creativity. Moreover, Karin and her husband are well-educated, cultivated and talented people who are fun to be with.


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    Ceri Evans



    I am enquiring about French lessons in Hyères. I moved to Hyères last year (September) from the U.K. and I continue to struggler with learning to speak French. I would currently rate my level of French as a beginner.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ceri Evans


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      Bonjour Ceri,

      It’s true that it’s very difficult to catch french/or any other langage… without taking any classes !
      So I thinck you made a great decision by starting one to one classes now, and I’ll be pleased to help you in your french skills, it’s so important to be abble to communicate in your new country, to socialise, understand ….
      Of course , as you’re living in France you”ll learn much faster than in the UK …. when you need to learn a langage, your spirit is as it’s best, motivation is the “key” to put you on your best capacity .. so it’s all very positiv !

      What would be your shedule ? Do you have time during the day ?
      I live close to Hyères center

      fees are the same as our skype classes:

      There are 20 euros fees for the organisation(to be member of our association valid for a year from the day of membership)

      but may be you ‘ll prefer to learn in a small group class ?
      I have actually 2 beginners that I may ask to join you to create a small group class they are actually taking privat classes…

      A très bientôt,

      bonne soirée


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